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  1. mary sheryl horine

    Hi Melissa-

    My attempt didn’t get anywhere, but awhile back I had contacted High Country Recreation about organizing a Fall and also Spring event/fair related to “Recreation/Sports Organized Activities for K-12.” Representatives from organizations would be on-hand to disseminate information and to take sign-ups. It would be held somewhere that people could bring equipment so kids could try out various activities (football pads/helmets, batting cage, lacrosse sticks, basketball goal, etc.)

    It’s probably too late for the fall season, but would you be interested in helping to organize something like this?

    Likely partners would be Equip Sports Ministry, Parks and Recreation, Watauga Swim Team, Girls on the Run, Tailwind, HCSA, Ultimate Frisbee Club, Watauga County Schools, AAU volleyball and basketball, Greenway Basketball league and probably several others that I don’t even know about!

    1. Melissa Boyce Post author

      Love that idea and I would be happy to try to put something together this year if you think we could make it fly? Should it be a free event for these partners to come together? Do you think it should be at the High School or the Soccer field?
      Love this idea!!


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