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Highcountrymom.com is a Blog with a focus on families in the High Country.  Quality family time in our busy world is important to us.  It is our prayer this site will bless families as we share family traditions, how we have come to call the High Country home and fun we have throughout the year.  It is not all about our family, we want you to share with us.

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Our family focus is on giving back to families in need.   10% of our net profits benefit High Country Charities… specifically those focused on families.

Being a parent is a priceless gift from God.  We need time to get connected, renew and be energized by those around us.  We post family friendly fun things to do, how to get connected and ways for parents to renew their spirit.

We hope you will follow us, friend us, like us and share us.  Come sit a spell and make new friends.

13312694_10156933591910640_5440426010423144211_n (1) Melissa Boyce, Founder of Highcountrymom.com

I’m Melissa. Simple, loving and giving. Best friend to a good ole country boy, mom to two unique, happy and completely different children.  A servants heart.

When I lay down my head at night, I dream of new ways to do things.  I analyze if we are raising our children the way God intended.

In 2012, my Country Boy and I decided to head for the mountains. We wanted a simpler life, a close community and to raise our little ones up loving God and the outdoors. We looked at so many different places and chose to call the High Country home.

I make list, lots of list.  List of things to do, list of how I want the kiddos to grow up, list of 11222398_10156212049135640_172108330191065150_ntraditions I hope we always enjoy, list of things I love about my life, list of new ideas for businesses, list of ways to become involved and give back, grocery list, Christmas list.  The list goes on and on.

I am not perfect. You will find typos but it is with God’s blessing and hand that Highcountrymom.com has come to exist.  I hope it blesses you. Makes your life a bit easier.

Always remember, you are great parents.  Your children are amazing.  I received a word of advice on parenting one day.  I was sitting in church, listening to the preacher, making a list in my head of all the ways I needed to improve as a mom.  It was then I heard the preacher say – “Moms and dads, do not beat yourself up.  Kids do not come with instruction manuals.  There was only one perfect parent and look how Adam and Eve turned out.”   You can also find me on personalbreakthru.com and breakthruconsulting.net.

3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Daven Johnson

    Dear Melissa or Amanda,
    I am working this summer on building a database of local families who might be interested in participating in developmental psychology studies (we have five developmental faculty) in a research lab called AGE Labs. We are registering interested families in our secure database so that, when studies come up that they or one of their family members is the right age to do, we can contact them, tell them about it, and they can decide at that time if they’d like to participate.

    We have (or will have) studies for very young children all the way to elderly adults. Studies for kids typically involve playing games with a researcher and answering some questions, take about 30-60 minutes, and are compensated with a prize or gift card. Studies for adults typically involve taking surveys, assessments, and/or answering questions, take about 1-2 hours, and are compensated monetarily.

    People usually enjoy participating – we work hard to make the experience interesting and fun.

    I wonder if you might be interested in talking with me about possible ways that we might collaborate? For instance, we are working with the Western Youth Network to provide some educational workshops and to talk to families and staff about developmental research that might be relevant to them. In return, we hope to generate interest with local families in helping to support research efforts here at App State.

    I would love to hear more about your work and a possibility of us collaborating at a play group or any other parenting event.

    Many thanks!

    Daven Johnson

  2. Emily Mohr

    Hi High Country Moms,

    My name is Emily and I work with the Age Labs at Appalachian State. The AGE Labs is a non-profit research lab focused on developmental psychology. We have fun, short studies for people of all ages that deal with a variety of issues related to human development. Right now, we are looking for people of all ages who might be interested in participating in our research.

    I know we have attended some of your events in the past and they seem to have gone really well. I was wondering if you had any upcoming events that we might be able to attend. Please let me know!


    Emily Mohr
    AGE Labs Manager


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