Choosing a preschool is often a necessary need for parents.  We would love to share some tips, questions to ask and what to look for in a preschool for your bundle of joy.

In today’s world, children are encouraged to read and write early, pressures of sports and dance,  heavy schedules start early.  Parents are running from work to practice and dinner happens in the back seat of cars.

I am not an expert in education.  I walk to a little different drummer.  For our family, the “play” approach to life and education work well.  It fits our “schedule”.

Do not put pressure on yourself and talk about preschool, education and extracurricular activities as a family.  I hope the links that follow will help your family as you navigate these decisions.

  1. Preschool Options in the High Country
  2. Choosing the Right Preschool
  3. Preschool at Home

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