Serving Others with Your Children – Part 2

Last week we took a look at a few places where you might be able to serve our community with your children.  Here’s a peek into a few more:

Green Street Catering – This catering ministry is housed at our church, Alliance Bible Fellowship.  I absolutely loved delivering meals to a specific neighborhood in our community on Thursday afternoons.  We really got to know the folks in the neighborhood by name and a little bit about them, as well.  Unfortunately, our life group was not able to continue due to changes in our own lives and schedules but this is a great way to connect with others in the community.  You can volunteer by either delivering meals or helping prepare meals in the kitchen to serve at the church or for those that deliver them.  It is always good to have two adults help deliver the meals, especially if you take children with you.  Of course, remember to always use good discernment and judgment when venturing into new neighborhoods with which you are unfamiliar, especially if children are involved.

Watauga County Library – When I was in middle school, I volunteered at the Western Branch of the Watauga County Library.  I have some great memories of working with books and my Great Aunt Madge as she was also a volunteer.  This might be something wonderful if you have an avid reader on your hands!

Watauga County Humane Society has several volunteer opportunities and clear policies about the ages of children that can volunteer.  If your child loves animals, this might be a great service project for him or her this summer.

Helping Hands – Know someone in your neighborhood who is sick or could use a helping hand around the house or outdoors?  Perhaps you and your children could prepare a meal, offer to clean or do yard work, or make a craft to cheer up your neighbor.

Hunger Coalition Fun Run – Join in fighting hunger in our community by participating in the Fun Run on September 21.

Do you and your family have a special way that you serve in the community?  I would love to hear from you!

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