February Bucket List

When planning for 2021, our family decided it was all about being intentional.  Each month we would plan a bucket list of fun trips, moments and experiences we wanted to make happen.  At the end of the month, we start planning (okay sometimes it is just me planning) for the new month.  I make sure to ask the kids and my best friend (aka my hubby) if there is anything they want to make sure we do in the upcoming month.  For example, I know one thing my best friend wants to add to our month is 4-wheeling and motorcycling riding. If I do not put at least a couple of days on the calendar for making time for this activity, it will not happen.

Here is a “February Bucket List” I shared socially.  I have added some more February ideas below.  I hope this helps you live an intentional life with your family. Completely connected and exploring our amazing community.

  1. Valentine’s Garden: Begin to plan your garden for the Spring.  Give the gift of seeds, potting soil, seed starting trays, heat mat and small fan.  
  2. Make Fondue with friends and family. 
  3. Fancy dinner with candles and conversation starters.  
  4. Write a love letter to your spouse.
  5. Kids love notes all over their bedroom door.  I absolutely LOVE this “Heart Attack” that Skip to My Lou did for her family.
  6. Daddy / Daughter and/or Mother / Son date night. 
  7. Make cards for delivery people.  It will bring sunshine to their day.  
  8. Hot chocolate bombs and board games. 
  9. Heart shaped pizza and movie night.
  10. Make chocolate covered strawberries together. 
  11. Share with your kids how you and your spouse met or how their grandparents met.
  12. Read 1 Corinthians 12: 4-8 together.  When my kids were little, a friend shared this passage and we use it to help us understand if we are making good friend choices.  I am in hopes one day they will use it to determine if they have met the right marriage partner.  
  13. Sneak away to a bed-n-breakfast for some alone time or with the family.
  14. Go skiing, tubing, hiking or on a drive.
  15. Watch the sunset together.  



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