Designer Nursery on a Budget

About a year ago, my husband and I found out we were having a baby and I immediately knew I wanted a special, simple and practical nursery.  I’m not one for flashy things and when we found out we were having a girl, I definitely knew I didn’t want to decorate the entire room in pink.  Although I had lots of ideas, I couldn’t seem to figure out how to get started or what I needed to do to make my ideas come to fruition.

I decided to turn to my friend, Betsy Cain, owner of Sweet August Interiors.  She came to my home, took photos of our former office and spent time asking questions and talking with me about my vision for our baby girl’s nursery.  I was so amazed at her ability to take all of my random ideas and turn them into something beautiful.  A couple of weeks after our meeting, Betsy had completed my inspiration board and accompanying resource list, all for a very affordable price.

I was amazed at how she was able to put together my ideas and envision the type of nursery I wanted to create.  From this board, I was able to put together the lamp (#19) by purchasing a $3 lamp stand from Goodwill and following the tutorial for the ruffled lampshade (about seven dollars worth of fabric bought from Wal-Mart) over at Dear Lillie.  I also loved the floral mobile (#9) and I followed the tutorial at Jones Design Company, spending about $35 on this project.  A little steep for me but since the lamp was so inexpensive, I was okay with it.

I shopped last fall’s inaugural Wee Cycle Home Goods and Adult Clothing Sale and found the perfect wooden frame ($6) to hang with the white baby dress (#14) that I wore when I was a newborn.  I also scored an eight dollar ivory oval mirror to hang above my childhood antique dresser, which serves as the changing table.  We bought our glider secondhand from a friend for $180 and my husband painted the wainscoting with a new shade of Benjamin Moore paint while leaving the walls the original color.  My favorite part of the nursery is the window valence, bumper and crib skirt, which were custom designed and created by my friend, Lynn Windmeyer, owner of ada b. & me.  I used this model from Restoration Hardware Baby & Child and Lynn was able to create what I wanted for less than the price of RH’s design.  I wanted something different and neutral that could be used again.  My friend, Ann, surprised me with a matching toddler comforter, too!  Don’t you just love friends that can sew and design?

If you’re looking for someone to custom design a piece of clothing or home goods on a budget, look no further than ada b. & me.  Looking to plan a party or redesign a room in your home?  Check out Sweet August Interiors for an affordable and professional design!

It feels so great to invest in local friends’ businesses and know that we are supporting their family and business goals.  Not to mention the perk of having something custom designed!  Our nursery turned out to be so peaceful and beautiful, which was exactly what I envisioned for us.

Photos used with permission from Betsy Cain of Sweet August Interiors.

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