A Personal Guide to Thrifting

One of my favorite places to shop is at thrift stores.  Thrifting takes patience and time so if you’re not in a place in life right now where you can put forth those two things, that’s okay.  I’m not either, with a sweet little babe in tow!  However, IF my husband is with me OR my mom takes care of baby girl, I can sometimes find a few things while I’m out and about.

I’d like to give a review of some thrift stores nearby and a few “off the mountain”, as we like to say around here.

  • Goodwill of Boone – I’ve found an average amount of great things here.  A good friend advised me that the best day to shop is Tuesday or Wednesday as this gives the staff time to put out everything that was donated over the weekend.
  • Hebron Colony Thrift Store – If you’re going to Goodwill, you might as well stop next door at this shop.  My husband found a large floor puzzle of the world for $3 that baby girl is already enjoying.  My favorite find was a piece of my Grandmother’s framed tatting for a buck!








  • Goodwill of Wilkesboro – I’ve been here once and wished I had more time to look around.  There were some great brands in the ladies’ department and I picked up the cutest Tommy Hilfiger baby dress for $1.50.  I’m looking forward to another visit to this store.
  • Goodwill of Lenoir – I have a friend who has found some great treasures at this store, although I have not frequented it very much.  However, we did pick up a bookend in the shape of the Golden Gate Bridge (where we spent our first Thanksgiving), a meaningful piece for our home.
  • Habitat Re-Store of Boone – The prices seem to have gone up at this store but I have friends that have been known to negotiate in the past.  We found a little side table for $10 (pardon the dust in the picture – I am obviously behind on that chore), a bread maker in perfect condition for $8, a water bath canner for $10 and an electric ice cream maker (with a wooden, old fashioned look) for $10.  I am still using all of these today.
  • Goodwill Stores in Mooresville and Cornelius – I absolutely LOVE these stores!  Some sweet finds include:  Ralph Lauren down puffy vest for $5, multiple name brand dress shirts for my husband for $3.75 each, name brand maternity clothes for $5 or less.  Angela from Button Bird Designs lives in the area and she recommended some of these stores to me.

Some of my other favorite thrifted items include a My Brest Friend Pillow and cover for $3 at a thrift store in Colorado ($35 retail!), and an old fashioned red chair (reminded me of my Grandmother’s chair) that we found for $25 at the Salvation Army in Foscoe.

A word of caution about thrifting:  prices are on the rise.  You can still find some things, depending on what you are looking for, for a good price.  I think I’ll take Angela’s advice and start hitting up some yard sales if I can make myself get up that early!  I don’t consider myself a savvy thrifting expert like Jen over at Balancing Beauty and Bedlam but I do enjoy finding a good deal on something from my wish list.

I would love to hear from you!  Do you have some thrifting advice or another great store to share?  Happy Thrifting!

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