Kids in the Kitchen

5 Reasons You Should Invite Your Kids in the Kitchen:

I have many fond memories of being in the kitchen with my sister.  She is five years older than I am but she would teach me to cook in the kitchen with her.  I loved our giggles and laughs.  To this day, I still love when she makes me homemade biscuits!

Cooking for yourself builds confidence and independence.  I started my children early with learning to bake and chop veggies and fruit.  They enjoy being a part of the action in the kitchen and setting the table.  Start simple and you know your child.  I know my daughter follows the rules so she wasn’t going to cut herself by cutting cucumbers.  It was scary at first but it is a time we build our bond.

Here are High Country Mom’s Top 5 Reasons to get your kids in the kitchen:

1. Builds a sense of independence and pride.  They are able to build a snack or meal from the ground up.  When their friends visit or siblings need a snack, they are self sufficient.  They trust their skills and ability.

2. Children who cook are not picky eaters.  This may not always be true.  There is always an exception.  When children are involved in meal planning and preparing their food, they experience new foods.  Taste testing is part of the cooking fun.

3.  Confidence outside outside the kitchen!  A child who is nervous about sliding a hot pan into the oven and safely achieves the goal will begin to build a “I can” attitude.  Children who believe in their own successes are willing to try more things.  You may even hear your child say “I can” make that while you are eating out at a restaurant!

4. Memories and moments.  When you think back on your childhood, almost all of the traditions involved love that stemmed from the kitchen!  Thanksgiving is so much more fun when you have your helpers!  My kids each have their own specialty for those “special” meals.   My daughter makes homemade macaroni…. oh my goodness!!! and watergate salad.  She is so proud when every comments on how delicious her creations are during the meal.  Our son makes the mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie!!!  OH MY!!  The look on their faces are priceless! You would think they were a gourmet chef from France!

5. Cooking together allows you to talk about healthy meals and ingredients.  While we cook together we discuss how protein fuels our brains and gives us a “can do” attitude.  Kids try new veggies when we are at the grocery store and research delicious recipes.  Some are amazing and well others are just a good story!

raddish kids

I hope this blog helps you invite your kids into the kitchen. Another great resource to allow your children too cook in the kitchen, under your supervision, is Raddish Kids.   I pray your family cooks up many memories and moments they will cherish for a lifetime.

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