Family Life By Design

Dream Big, Pray Bigger

I used to believe I was into the wrong story. I was tenacious and loved with everything inside me.  I could not ever seem to get ahead. I had great plans for my family and what it should look like everyday.  It was like I was always swimming upstream.

Exhausted and feeling like I would not ever achieve greatness, I looked up to realize I had the story and persistence in me all along.

I could write my own story.

I could choose every detail, the characters in my story.

So I began writing my story and my family’s story.

I wrote the fairy tale.  And then gave it permission to overtake my life.

And today I live in the story I created through my imagination.   And you can live yours!

It is my hope, this story, this blog, this moment ….  you will discover and will begin to write your family’s story.