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What if…

  • you could cure your migraine almost instantly by apply a few drops of a special essential oil blend on your temples and the base of your neck.
  • you could recharge your energy by taking a few sniffs of an essential oil and taking on the rest of the day
  • you could cut your sick days in half or less by applying essential oils to your feet and down your spine
  • you could reduce your anti-anxiety medication by using stress reducing oils
  • sleep more deeply and peacefully
  • you could get rid of your children’s ear infections almost instantly
  • you could uplift your mood when feeling down
  • you could concentrate longer and thing more clearly by diffusing an essential oil blend
  • what if you could ditch over the counter medications for allergies and use essential oils instead?

You can! I’ve done all these things with essential oils, plus many more.  It has been such a blessing to use them in the daily lives of my family in order to enjoy the day more and heal more quickly. They help to balance the body to heal it instead of band-aid it.

What Brand Should I Use?

This is a common questions since so many companies are trying to get your attention. My favorite brand of essential oils is Young Living Essential Oils.  The reason I chose them was because they own 9 of their farms all over the world.  They offer a seed to seal guarantee that is the real deal.  It is not just a warm fuzzy guarantee, but they really withhold the distillation of oils until they find the perfect crop of plants that haven’t had pesticides sprayed on them or the land they grow in for at least 50 years or more and test at the right frequencies for the oils.

I love this company because the founder gets out there and does the dirty work in the fields along with his employees and is passionate about only giving people the best of the best oils out there.  They distill their own oils and do third party testing and don’t count on others to do the distillation for them.

Quality really matters, and I can trust Young Living Essential Oils for some of the highest quality of essential oils in the entire world.  The more I learn about this company, the more impressed I am with their integrity. I don’t recommend using low quality essential oils to get the therapeutic results that you desire. It just won’t happen.

Try Young Living oils and all you need is a drop or two at a time and you will experience a difference.

Plus, if you purchase a kit through my link I’ll send you a FREE book!



(Young Living ships throughout the world. I do not.  Sorry, this special offer is for US purchases only.) I love this book!  It is 400+ pages of fantastic essential oils knowledge.  Plus…

Support You Need to Learn About Essential Oils:

I am committed to helping everyone who signs up under me learn about essential oils.  Join my learning community to get to know all the ins and outs about essential oils and how to use them properly. Still not sure about Young Living Oils?  Check out my Young Living Resource page here for popular posts and other great learning resources.

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