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Kids in the Kitchen

5 Reasons You Should Invite Your Kids in the Kitchen:

I have many fond memories of being in the kitchen with my sister.  She is five years older than I am but she would teach me to cook in the kitchen with her.  I loved our giggles and laughs.  To this day, I still love when she makes me homemade biscuits!

Cooking for yourself builds confidence and independence.  I started my children early with learning to bake and chop veggies and fruit.  They enjoy being a part of the action in the kitchen and setting the table.  Start simple and you know your child.  I know my daughter follows the rules so she wasn’t going to cut herself by cutting cucumbers.  It was scary at first but it is a time we build our bond.

Here are High Country Mom’s Top 5 Reasons to get your kids in the kitchen:

1. Builds a sense of independence and pride.  They are able to build a snack or meal from the ground up.  When their friends visit or siblings need a snack, they are self sufficient.  They trust their skills and ability.

2. Children who cook are not picky eaters.  This may not always be true.  There is always an exception.  When children are involved in meal planning and preparing their food, they experience new foods.  Taste testing is part of the cooking fun.

3.  Confidence outside outside the kitchen!  A child who is nervous about sliding a hot pan into the oven and safely achieves the goal will begin to build a “I can” attitude.  Children who believe in their own successes are willing to try more things.  You may even hear your child say “I can” make that while you are eating out at a restaurant!

4. Memories and moments.  When you think back on your childhood, almost all of the traditions involved love that stemmed from the kitchen!  Thanksgiving is so much more fun when you have your helpers!  My kids each have their own specialty for those “special” meals.   My daughter makes homemade macaroni…. oh my goodness!!! and watergate salad.  She is so proud when every comments on how delicious her creations are during the meal.  Our son makes the mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie!!!  OH MY!!  The look on their faces are priceless! You would think they were a gourmet chef from France!

5. Cooking together allows you to talk about healthy meals and ingredients.  While we cook together we discuss how protein fuels our brains and gives us a “can do” attitude.  Kids try new veggies when we are at the grocery store and research delicious recipes.  Some are amazing and well others are just a good story!

raddish kids

I hope this blog helps you invite your kids into the kitchen. Another great resource to allow your children too cook in the kitchen, under your supervision, is Raddish Kids.   I pray your family cooks up many memories and moments they will cherish for a lifetime.

Sweet Dreams

Sleep is what most every parent dreams of in the distant future.  Babies love predictability.  I am not a doctor or in the medical profession. I do love my children and am thankful with a little help I was able help both children have sweet dreams.

I remember the sleepless nights trying to figure it all out.  Everyone offering advice and not knowing where to turn.  We purchased Harvey Karp, The Happiest Baby, and were watching the dvd at 11:30 pm!!  He recommended swaddling, which they taught us in the hospital, and a swing.  We packed up our 5 month old baby and headed to WalMart!  That was the beginning of our sleep again.

There is no magic way to get your little one to nod off and no two babies are the same.  Our first loved to be swaddled and placed in a swing.  Our second would have none of the swaddling but love to co-sleep with us.  They are 8 and 10 now and we still have our bedtime ritual that helps create a safe, relaxing and nurturing atmosphere.

Let’s talk about ways to encourage sleep:

  • Create a bedtime ritual: I believe this is the number one successful advice I took advantage of!  Settling your child in for the night isn’t just about putting them into bed.  Little ones need a routine and they feel comforted when they come to know what to expect.  Infants who go to bed at a reasonable time each night usually have less trouble nodding off on their own and sleeping through the night.  Sometimes it might be easier in the moment to let your little one fall asleep in your arms while you watch tv but that routine hurts the child in the long run.  We are telling our children you need noise and you need to be in my arms to fall asleep.

Our routine has not changed a lot since they were infants. 

  1. Warm Bath before bed;
  2. Story time;
  3. Swaddle your little one (again this didn’t work for our youngest);
  4. Soft music or some people use white noise;
  5. Lavender in the diffuser.

Fast forward 9 years and our bedtime ritual looks very similar (minus the swaddling).

  1. Warm shower or bath before bed;
  2. Story time (read books together as a family or they are allowed to read in their rooms);
  3. Oils on their feet (we love Lavender, Peace and Calming, Cedarwood and Valor);
  4. My favorite is the 10 to 15 minutes snuggled up next to them talking about their day, dreams, concerns and questions;
  5. Soft music or Audible for another few minutes while they have their alone time;

Our children are normally asleep by 8:45 pm.  Find what works for you and your family.  The only “rule” is consistency.  I am so glad we invested in a bedtime ritual. It has paid off. Now when I need them to put me to bed early they do the same ritual for me…lol.

  • Lull your little one into a slumber.   If your little one is comforted during breastfeeding or bottle feeding, let them drift off in your arms.  Be careful to prevent tooth decay and ear infections, don’t let your little one fall asleep with a bottle in their mouth.  Once your baby is sleeping, you or dad can safely place them in their crib.
  • Try co-sleeping.  This is what worked for our second.  We tried swaddling, crib beside the bed but nothing worked.  We tried the quickest way for everyone to get a good night sleep was to have him attached to the side of our bed or in our bed as he grew.  Try various sleeping arrangements. I’ve found that the easiest and quickest way to resettle your baby when he wakes at night is to have him sleep in your room. You can move your newborn’s crib next to your bed or buy a crib that attaches to the side of your bed. The idea is to comfort your baby before you and he are fully awake.
  •  Look for the “why” behind your babies sleep trouble.  When children wake up crying, and feeding or changing doesn’t provide any comport, check for a stuffy nose, is it too hot or too cold?  Does your baby have reflux, food or milk allergies, or ear infection?  Talk with your doctor is you believe you have tried everything.
  1. Tummies: We use Tummiegize from Young Living
  2. Calm and Soothing: Lavender

Imagination Library – Receive a book a month until your child turns 5.

Just registered our little ones for this great program.

Dolly Partons Imagination Library

Dolly Partons Imagination Libriary



Healthy, Happy Pregnancy – How to Incorporate Natural Living Lifestyle Into Your Pregnancy!

Pregnancy is a beautiful time when you planning and preparing to welcome a new addition to your family.  Your body and emotions are ever changing.  Trying to make healthy choices in our world of abundant options can be a daunting task.  When we were expecting our first born is around the time I began researching healthier, non-toxic options for our family.  It was overwhelming and during pregnancy was not the time to make mistakes.  I am not a doctor, midwife, or medical professional, just another mom who has been there too!

My hope is these resources will help you as you eat and think for two.  Adjusting to a healthy lifestyle is easier when taken in baby steps. Why should you consider a healthy eating, cleaning and wellness support?  Numerous studies show a healthy lifestyle allows your body to adjust easier with the ever changing physical and emotional ups and downs pregnancy brings. I’ve only been through this journey two times in my life.  My hope is to share trusted resources and information with you that I have gathered and researched along the way.

Non-Toxic Cleaning: 

Toxic cleaners were the FIRST items removed from our house!  All I will say is “google” health concerns with cleaning products and you will find your “why” for switching out cleaning products.

Our family chose to use Young Living Essential Oil Thieves cleaning line.   We started small with replacement buying.  When we ran out of all purpose cleaner, we purchased Thieves All Purpose Cleaner and it is amazing!!  Our daughter accidentally spilled something sticky on her carpet.  I placed a cap full on the 2 inch bright red mess and was going to let it sit for ten minutes.  I forgot and came back 30 minutes later….. it was GONE!!! There was not even a slight bit left.  It was amazing.


If you would like more information on Thieves, reach out to me via our Contact Us page. I am happy to get you a sample.  It is amazing.  That was where I took the replacement buying plunge.  I was able to replace everything from dish washing soap to toothpaste!  Thieves has been a life saver.  Got stains in the shower grout? Got stains on the carpet? Need a tough degreaser? Need hand soap? Thieves Household Cleaner will clean it all!  I would have this on hand for your clothe diapers and spit ups that are sure to come your way.  Thieves also does an amazing job on floors!  When your little starts to crawl you will rest easy knowing their space is clean with no toxins.

We also use baking soda, vinegar and water a lot for cleaning!  What are some of your “go-to” recipes for non-toxic cleaning?

Use “what to look for in cleaning products” as a guide to determine is safe for your family.

Healthy Eating:

Healthy eating during pregnancy is not always easy. Everyone wants to offer advice.  I believe following a healthy protein and fat driven diet helps mom and baby.

Foods to focus on during pre-conception, pregnancy and breastfeeding:

  • Protein: Most women need 80+ grams of protein everyday for a healthy pregnancy. Research supports the facts by demonstrating lower preclampsia and other complications when consuming high amounts of protein.  Do you research to determine if you need to increase your protein and how it will benefit your body during pregnancy.
  • Fats: This is often the biggest hurdle for many women, but consuming adequate fats is absolutely vital to baby’s organ and brain development. Women should focus on healthy sources of fat like meat (including red meat), butter, eggs, olive/oil, coconut/oil, nuts, limited dairy, etc.  Use your best judgement.  If it is high in sugar, it is probably not the healthiest choice.
  • Vegetables and Fruits: Vegetables and fruits have a variety of vitamins, minerals and fiber that are helpful during pregnancy. Eating a varied diet including a lot of green leafy vegetables can also help raise Vitamin K levels.
  • Water: Water shows amazing benefits for the body.  My mom’s was diagnosed with cancer recently. One of the main recommendations was to double her water intake in order for her body to carry the protein she is eating to the correct places.  She is doing radiation and needs protein to help heal her neck and mouth.  A woman’s blood volume actually increases during pregnancy and her body has to supply fluid to replenish the amniotic fluid the baby is in. Drinking enough water (usually around a gallon a day) can help fight off morning sickness and also helps prevent constipation and make sure mom and baby are properly hydrated.


Supplement needs can vary by woman, and all supplements should be approved by a doctor or midwife to ensure safety during pregnancy. In general, pregnant women have higher nutrient needs and often supplements are the only way to get adequate nutrients.

These basic supplements are ones that are often beneficial during pregnancy:

  • Probiotics:  I love Young Living probiotics.  If you decide to incorporate them into your diet, obtain high quality supplements, fermented foods, and beverages like water kefir and kombocha.  Babies are born with a sterile gut and their gut bacteria begins to develop based on the beneficial gut flora of the mother.   Adequate probiotics can also help reduce the risk of Group B strep.
  • Omega-3s, DHA, RHA: Again I love Young Living OmegaGize!  Good fats are essential for a baby’s development. Today’s modern diet makes it difficult to get enough from our everyday meals.  Supplementing high quality sources can help reduce the risk of complications and give the baby necessary nutrients for good development.
  • Vitamin D:  This amazing supplement needs to be taken from a high quality source.  Do you research!  4,000 IU could help keep your blood sugar and blood pressure in check.  Ask your doctor what level they suggest for your pregnancy. Every one is different.
  • Folate:  This super hero is best known for its preventative effects against spina bifida and other developmental struggles.  Ask your doctor for their dosage recommendation.  It is water soluble and difficult to overdose.
  • Iron: Anemia may cause serious complications during delivery, and is easy to prevent.  If your blood tests show low iron levels, look to iron supplements.  Ideas to keep your iron up are cooking with cast iron pans, eating red meat/grass fed liver and eating a variety of fats and vegetables can help optimize iron levels.  It is much better to get your iron from food verses supplements.

Herbs During Pregnancy:  

Consult with a qualified herbalist, midwife, or doctor before taking any herbs during pregnancy. All herbs are not created equal.

Here is a list of “safe herbs” during pregnancy.

Here is a list to AVOID during pregnancy.

Essential Oils During Pregnancy:

Here is a list of “safe” essential oils during pregnancy.

Here is a list to AVOID during pregnancy.

Consult with a qualified midwife or doctor before using essential oils during pregnancy.


Happy + Healthy During Flu/Cold Season

#1. Welcome to Revolution Oils “Healthy + Happy During Flu/Cold Season” The event will take place right here. Post will be numbered “1, 2, 3, etc” so you will be able to follow along. If you cannot see updated post, “refresh” your page by pressing the “enter” button.

#2 Team members online to help answer questions are:

a. Melissa Boyce

b. Jodi Magee Williams

#3 This Facebook event will be available on this page after the event.

#4 Young Living Disclosure –

YL-Disclosure (1)

#5 Here goes!!! Please share –Where you are joining us from AND What you are hoping to learn tonight. GO….

Welcome and Thank you for Coming (2)

#6 Essential Oils 101 – First, a little essential oils intro .

Essential OIls 101

HOW ESSENTIAL OILS WORK – Essential oils are steam distilled from plants – from the leaves, roots, bark, stems, and seeds.

They are called plant medicine as they protect the plant from disease, fungus, drought, and pests and do much of that in our bodies, too! They are much more concentrated, and therefore, more potent than dried herbs.

One drop contains 40 million, trillion molecules which means they are very small in size and can easily penetrate the skin & cell wall to correct the cause of disease at the ROOT.

The oils can also cross blood-brain barrier – the protective barrier membrane – and ease emotional and mental trauma, anguish and disease.

EO’s Work WITH the body to help it heal itself – drugs mask symptoms and cause adverse reactions, side effects, take over the functions the body is designed to perform itself, which leads to dependency on drugs. EO’s lead to wellness and independence from drugs!

Drugs are designed to perform ONE action, EO’s are made of many different chemical constituents, Lavender has 400 constituents that can each perform a different action in the body, which is why it is so useful for so many different problems!

The purpose of essential oils – 4 things:

• to bring oxygen to the plant
• to reduce inflammation and infection in the plant, to protect the plant from disease, weather fluctuations and pests, the plants’ immune system
• to bring hormonal balance to the plant
• to protect against DNA damage and to repair cellular damage at the DNA level.

ALL essential oils will do those 4 things, You don’t have to have every essential oil to get the job done, though some will be more effective than others for certain conditions. Can always try lavender or frankincense first!

#7 How to Use Essential Oils:

how to use EO
We are going to be discussing how to use all of these oils, so we want to explain quickly how to actually use them. There are three ways – aromatically, topically and internally.


  • Diffuser – my favorite way to use EO’s.
  • Changes mood & emotions, kills airborne bacteria, odors & germs
  • Easy, safe, less is more


  • Takes just 2-3 sec for oil to reach bloodstream when used topically.
  • Takes 20 min for an oil to reach every cell in the body.
  • This is a powerful and effective way to use oils!
  • Use vegetable carrier oils, organic is best, like Sweet Almond, Olive, Jojoba, Coconut, Fractionated Coconut, etc.
  • Do a skin patch test first to make sure you won’t have a reaction, especially when new to oils.
  • Use VITA FLEX POINTS – reflexology, this chart comes in the guide book we give to all those who purchase the Premium Starter Kit.


  • Great for chronic diseases like allergies, especially those related to digestion, diabetes, etc.
  • Put a drop of lemon in water, or dilute in coconut oil and add to herbal tea
  • Put in enteric coated gelatin capsules (doesn’t dissolve until it’s in the intestines, safer), Young Living sells these capsules.

#8 – What is all the fuss about respiratory, colds, flu, OH MY We do not want to get caught up in the media “scaring” everyone with information. This is what we “know” about the Respiratory Virus –

Confirmed cases sept 2014
a. As of September 7th, there were more than 1,000 children who had been put in the hospital due to the virus;
b. It has been identified as “human enterovirus 68”
c. Starts out as a cold with runny nose, sneezing and coughing, but when the wheezing starts you know you might have a problem;
d. Seasonal allergies can play a part in the virus;
e. It is of particular concern for children with asthma and should make sure their inhalers are easily accessible and a plan is in place if the attack gets worse;

#9 We “prepare” our family every year to help prevent sickness of any kind. How do you prepare your family for a healthy cold/flu season?

#10 GIVEAWAY – What is one health concern you have that you would like to work on? Only online

#11 Build Our Immunity: Natural Immune System Boosters:

a. Thieves Essential Oil – Thieves is such an amazing oil and kills 99% of airborne bacteria in 12 minutes. Diffuse it in your home. Rub it on the bottom of your children’s feet before they go to school. Apply down their spine with a roller ball (dilute it with a carrier oil for young children and children with sensitive skin.
#12 Thieves Continued for your household Watch Kate’s Video to see how she uses Thieves in her home

#13 Avoid refined sugar and processed foods. If you do nothing else, do your body a favor and don’t eat junky sweets because they suppress immunity thus making us more susceptible to catching “junk.” Easier said than done when you are not feeling your best! What are your tips or “go to” snacks that help you stay away from refined sugar?

#14 Eat Raw Fruits + Veggies – find creative ways to enjoy raw fruits and veggies to help your body’s pH more alkaline than acidic which helps you stay well. Yummy smoothies are an excellent way to down lots of fruits and veggies. Where do you find inspiration for eating raw fruits + veggies?

apple sandwiches
#15 Drink lots of WATER!! At least 64 ounces a day!! What are some tips you have that help you drink water throughout the day?

#16 NingXia Red – We love it in our household and call it Ninja Juice(-:

Ningxia Red

NingXia Red is a powerful antioxidant drink that contains whole Ningxia wolfberry puree that comes from the town of Ningxia in China. It is a super blend of blueberry, aronia, cherry, pomegranate, and plum juices, natural stevia extract, grape seed extract, pure vanilla extract, and orange, yuzu, lemon, and tangerine essential oils. Its health benefits include support from head to toe, via a whole body nutrient infusion. Along with helping energy levels, it supports vision health and balances the blood sugar. I personally have seen it affect my energy, and my focus is amazing. I also think it is delicious, and my kids drink it on a daily basis with me. You only need to take 1-2 ounces a day to get the benefits. It is the perfect supplement to drink daily and give your immune system a big hand!

Does anyone else use NingXia Red?
#17 Oregano Essential Oil –


#18 R.C. and/or Raven Essential Oil – R.C. (Respiratory Congestion) is our go-to oil for cough and congestion. We mix a few drops with some coconut oi8l and make a chest/foot rub, place a few drops in a warm bath with Epsom salts, or put right on our chest when we are stuffy or coughing. Raven offers respiratory support specifically for respiratory viral infections. Have you used these oils?

Raven RC
#19 GIVEAWAY TIME – Only Online

#20 Lime – Lime is an instant mood lifting oil! If you are feeling a little stressed or under the weather, put this one in the diffuser and feel your attitude just perk up.

#21 Frankincense Essential Oil – Our family loves Frankincense. It has been known to help so many problems. Warts, Anxiety, Skin Spots, Headaches, Joint Pain, and so much more. We use this oil as part of a “treatment” when one of use is beginning to feel a little under the weather. We put Frankincense on our tummy, Lemon/Lavender/Peppermint on our spine, Thieves on our feet. We use this method two to three times on day one and then if we need it again on day two. How do you use Frankincense?

#22 Allergy Bomb Ingredients:

allergy bomb (1)

Lemon Essential Oil – highly antibacterial and boosts white blood cell count, safe for babies and young children. Also a gentle detox for your liver.

Peppermint Essential Oil (not recommended for children under 3) and great for upset tummy and energy boost and Lavender Essential Oil: promotes sleep and relaxation.
#23 Breathe Again Essential Oil – Finally able to breathe again! Have you tried Breathe Again? If so, how did you use it?

breathe again
#24 Valor Essential Oil – Called Chiropractor in a Bottle!! Valor helps align the body physically, emotionally and mentally. We apply Valor on our feet every morning before we head out. It has been known to improve confidence, help with anxiety and sooth neck pain. VALOR is a blend of Rosewood, Spruce, Frankincense and Blue Tansy.

valor (1)

— Builds confidence, courage and self-esteem because it is emotionally and physically balancing to the body. Great to use for a child who’s reluctant to go to school or is facing difficult social issues there, like a bully or mean friends. Or to go to a new school, start a new sport, task, etc.How do you use Valor(-:


#25 Supplements: It is nice to have a supplement line of kid’s vitamins and some quick meals that aren’t laden with toxic and synthetic chemicals. Instead, these products contains super foods that are natural and whole and also offer some nutrition when everyone sleeps in and has to make it to school on time. Has anyone tried these supplements?


#26 GIVEAWAY TIME – Online Only

#27 When Illness Strikes – We wanted to share some helpful tips when illness does strike. If it does strike, consistency is the key! So, what do you do once illness strikes? Start using your oils at the FIRST sign of sickness and frequency of use is VERY important as oils are metabolized, or used up in the body every 2 ½ to 3 hours. Gotta attack it and stay at it till the illness is gone, otherwise, they will not be as effective.

when illness strikes (2)

There are many, many great oils for fighting illness and when you buy the Premium Starter Kit through one of us, we give you a 458 -age guidebook that lists every ailment known to mankind and the oil to apply for it!

#28 Fire Cider Recipe: Start this NOW because it takes a month to mature.

#29 Rest It is difficult to rest when you feel bad or when a little one is not well. I’m going to teach you about the oils that help with anxiety and sleep! There are many that do this job well, but here are three I recommend and they all come in the Premium Starter Kit!

Sleep & Anxiety


— A blend of Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, Tangerine, Orange, and Blue Tansy
— It was designed by the founder of YL, Gary Young, with children in mind! It is safe to use on even young children.
— It does exactly what the name suggests! Good for insomnia, anxiety, and the nervous system. I’ve found it to be very effective in calming my children down when they have trouble going to sleep. I diffuse it and rub it on the bottoms of their feet.
— Due to the citrus oils in it, it is also good for depression!

  • JOY

— A blend of a BUNCH of flowers – Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Rosewood, Lemon, Jasmine, Roman Chamomile, Rose, Mandarin and Palmarosa
— Commonly used for grief, sadness and depression because it is very emotionally balancing. Great to use for a child who is overwhelmed, worried, stressed. OR an adult! I use it a lot myself when I’m overwhelmed taking care of my three boys.
— Could be a nice oil to use in the morning to put a pep in your step, give you optimism and hope
— Use on the Auricular Vita Flex points on the ears, this chart comes in the 458 page guidebook I give to everyone who buys the Premium Starter Kit!


— Most researched oil for reducing anxiety
— It has a very calming effect on the body, many use it for insomnia and to help them go to sleep at night.
— You could make a lavender pillow spray out of it and spray on your child’s pillow, diffuse at night or roll on their feet at night to help them calm down to go to sleep.
— Other good oils would be Frankincense, Vetiver and Cedarwood, and Stress Away. All have worked very well for my kids!

#30 Chest Rub

chest rub

#31 Flu Bomb

flu bombs

#32 Cold, Cough, Flu got you down?

Post 1

#33 Runny Nose – How often do your kids come home from school with a runny nose? Here are some oils to help combat those runny noses!

Runny Nose

#34 Proper Dilution

proper dilution

#35 Our Next Event:

#36. How to Get the Kit: So, now we’re going to talk about how to get these amazing oils! So, there are two ways to get oils from Young Living, as a retail customer or as a wholesale member. A retail customer gets no discounts and no reduced shipping, but a wholesale member gets 24% off of everything when you buy one of the three starter kits!


10639713_10152536417691773_4029706315870633944_n (1)

Think of it like a Costco Membership, or an Amazon Prime membership, but it’s even better because there is NO membership fee!

  • You get 24% off of everything!
  • Opportunity to get reduced shipping & earn free oils through the Essential Rewards program
  • No contract, no minimum monthly order, no penalty fees
  • To keep your membership after one year, you have to purchase about $50, or 50 PV, a YEAR, not a month, a year. Easy to do!

We highly recommend the Premium Starter Kit as it includes everything you need to get a proper start with Essential Oils. Plus, it is an amazing value – you save over $150 by buying it as a bundled gift.

It comes with an aromatherapy diffuser, can’t just use a humidifier for essential oils. It must be one designed for oils. It is also an atomizer and ionizer, with several settings.

It also comes with ELEVEN oils, yes 11! The 10 oils from the Everyday Oils collection, which include Frankincense, Joy, Purification, Lemon, Peace and Calming, Peppermint, PanAway, Valor, Lavender and Thieves.

Comes with a bonus oil, Stress Away, which is another good one for stress, anxiety, and sleep.
It also comes with 10 oil samples and Ningxia Red samples, which as we discussed earlier, is an excellent antioxidant supplement drink made from wolfberry juice.

The diffuser alone costs $98 retail, the one shown in the picture is $110 retail

The 10 Everyday Oils set costs $160 retail, so right there, you save $108 by buying them together

Plus, we will send you a 450-page guidebook that lists every ailment known to humans and the oils it suggests to use with it! Like this post if you’re already a member! What have these oils helped your family with?

#37 Ditch the drugstore – Leave a message here if you would like to receive an email on how to “Ditch the Drugstore” – what oils help with everyday illnesses or Contact Me
#38 Final GIVEAWAY!! What is one thing you will take away and implement from the class tonight? Online Only
#39 Thank you so much for being a part of our journey. If you would like to order, please contact the person who invited you:

a. Melissa Boyce


c. Gael Wood

d. Jodi Magee Williams

e. Sara Coleman McFall

f. Kate Doubler

g. Becky J. Webb


Video to see the Premium Starter Kit:


Back 2 School – Part 2 – Traditions

Back 2 School Traditions are so much fun and simple.  As we look back on our childhood, we remember the traditions our families shared with us. Our family has created a few of our own traditions.  We would love to hear how you celebrate “back 2 school.”


1. The Talk – I just adore this post and the moral teaching it shares with our kids.

2. Back 2 School Pictures and Free Printables a friend from Classical Conversations shared these links.  I am so excited to try these.  It is also fun to take a picture at the same place year after year.  

3. First Day interview – Capture this snippet in time by asking your little about all of their favorites.  Here is another fun and bright one.

3.  Lunch Box Notes – Every child’s love language is different.  So make sure you know their love language and what is important in your family.  Our daughter LOVES getting notes in her lunchbox and that is her part of her love language.  

back to school note

Three Sets of Bible verse cards – Encourage your little scholar throughout the year by slipping one of these into their pencil or snack bag.


Lunch Note Jokes – Fun to read and to share. Give them giggles for lunch!

Sweet Lunch Notes – These are especially from mom with some cards containing Bible verses to encourage. How perfect.


Star Wars Lunch Notes



4. Breakfast – Here are a few ideas for making yummy breakfast.  Kicking off the morning by sitting for a few minutes, praying and sharing breakfast will make so many memories.  You may not have time to do that every morning but every time you do it will be a blessing.

5. Planning Lunches: This is great to get the kids involved the night before in packing their own lunches. You may have a few things to add in the morning (depending on the ages of your kiddos).  Kids love to help.

6. My favorite tradition – caring, sharing and planning their goals for 2014-2015 together as a family.  This is our first draft for Melissann’s Plan.  Now we are making it “her” plan and what she wants to work on.  We are going on a family hike today to share this plan with her and get her feedback on what she believes is important and what she would like to accomplish.

photoOur goals is to build a safe place for our family to grow.  Just know I am praying for each of you and your families as you create traditions,  Enjoy each moment!

Back to School Fun & Contest


Some High Country Back-to-School Specials and Fun:

  1. Tanger Outlets: Visit to print your 20% off coupons for Back-to-School, good through August 31, 2014;
  2. Boone Portraits: Back-to-School Contest, Enter to Win here win a free family photo session – with 3 high rez images on a CD or an 1 – 8×10 print! Email your favorite past school picture to Me and you will be entered to Win!  It can be of you, your parents or your kids.  Once entry please.  Winner will be drawn August 31st.
  3. Young Living Essential Oil: Win a bottle of “Peace & Calming” Essential Oil as your family heads back to school!  Valued over $40. Winner will be drawn August 31st.  Email me one thing you think the High Country needs to make it an even better place to raise a family. 

4th of July Ideas

It is hard to believe July 4th is this weekend!  Wow, summertime is flying by so quickly.  Thought I would share some of our weekend adventures we have planned.   We are going to miss a great event: West Jefferson’s Christmas in July.

July 3rd, Thursday “Plans”

We are going to have a relaxed day at Honey Bear Campground!  For $10 ($5 per kiddo) we can spend the entire day at Honey Bear and enjoy their fun activities.  Come on out and join us, we have room on the grill.

12:00 pm, Family Menchies treat

honey bear


1:00 pm to 3 pm, Water Tower Time at Honey Bear Campground

3 pm to 5 pm, Art in the Park at Honey Bear Campground

5:30 pm, Family Cook Out at Honey Bear Campground

Here are some recipes for a yummy July 4th!!

App Summer Festival also has some excellent events!

July 4th, Friday “Plans” –

Wake Up and Celebrate the 4th of July with Kiddos (activities, books and traditions)

11:00 am, Downtown Boone Parade 

(also going on: 11:00 am, Todd’s Parade, 11:00 am, Banner Elk 4th of July Parade)

12:00 pm, Watermelon and Cake at the Jones House

2:00 pm, Grill Smores’ at Valle Crucis Park and play in the River

grilled smores






9:00 pm, Tweetsie Railroad Fireworks

(also going on: 5:00 pm, Bethel Blast – this event is FULL of FUN!!,  7:00 pm, Music in the Valle – a more relaxed venue, )

Saturday “Plans” –

8:00 am, Watauga Farmers Market

10:00 am, Honey Bear Campground Holiday Happenings

12:00 pm, Honey Bear Campground Parade (bring your bike / dress up in your favorite 4th attire and join in the fun)

2:00 pm, Blowing Rock Independence Day Parade (Climbing Tower and Bounce Obstacle Course actually starts at 11:00 am to 4:30 pm)

5:00 pm, Mountain Radio, Bluegrass Concert, Honey Bear Campground – Going to be a blast!

6:00 pm, Cool Summer Nights, Tweetsie Railroad

8:30 pm, Honey Bear Campground has two Great Movies – ET & Monsters inc.  Only $5 per car, show up at 6:00 pm, cook out on your grill and then enjoy the movie!  You can also buy smores and roast them on the open fires.  Such a great tradition!

9:30 pm, Blowing Rock Fireworks at the Blowing Rock Country Club

*You may also want to spend the afternoon at Westglow Resort beginning at 5:30 pm or Horn In The West or just found out about The Crestwood Resort & Spa – they are having a Low Country Boil, BBQ, Corn on the Cob, check it out

Whew!  I am excited and exhausted already!  I believe Sunday we will spend on the lawn of Moses Cone Manor with a family picnic!!

What are your family’s 4th of July plans or traditions?  We would love to hear from you!  Subscribe here to stay up to date with HC Mom!

Enjoy our amazing area and have fun with your family growing up on the Blue Ridge Parkway!


Internet Safety

Child safety (little ones and teenagers) is important to me (and you). It is something I hold very near to my heart.  I will try to keep it light(-:  Please share some of these tips with your family and friends.  You might save a life and a fragile soul.  After you read, I encourage you to share your safety tips.

 More than 550 victims of child sexual abuse and exploitation have been identified by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) special agents in the first eight months of fiscal year 2014.  These are a few tips they have shared with us:


  • Talk to children about Internet predators and whether they have ever been approached online. Visit for conversation starters on a variety of topics.
  • Keep the computer in a common area of the house, but don’t forget that online technology is also available on cell phones, laptops, tablets and gaming devices.
  • Set limits for what sites can be visited and have your children show you what sites they are frequently visiting.
  • Recognize signs of victimization and grooming. If your child has become withdrawn and isolated from friends and family, you find inappropriate material on the computer or mobile device, or if your child is communicating or receiving money or gifts from an unknown person.
  • Ask them to tell you if anything makes them feel scared, confused or uncomfortable. Let them know that online sexual exploitation of children is a crime and that it should be reported to law enforcement.
  • Encourage them to report cyber bulling, not just when it happens to them but when they see others being bullied as well.


  1. Never share pictures of yourself online that you wouldn’t want seen by your family, teachers or a total stranger.
  2. Don’t respond to offensive content and don’t forward images or info that might hurt or embarrass someone.
  3. Don’t accept friend requests from strangers. Change your passwords regularly so strangers can’t find you.
  4. Set user profile to private so only real friends can get access. Know who you’re chatting with – a “friend” is not always a friend.
  5. Don’t share personal information online like your full name, school, address or phone number, or user passwords.
  6. Remember that anything posted online lives on forever and can be shared with anyone anywhere in the world.
  7. Stop the harassment. Treat people online as you would in person and don’t be mean or rude. Report cyber bullying to a trusted adult.
  8. Tell an adult if someone makes you feel uncomfortable by their actions or words. If you suspect online “stalking,” sexual exploitation, or other suspicious behavior, report it to law enforcement.
  9. Don’t meet up in person with anyone you met online.
  10. Check your privacy settings on social media sites frequently, as they can reset due to site updates.

The Mystery Behind Tweetsie and Moses Cone Manor

Our family loves Tweetsie and Moses Cone Manor.  Our first year at Tweetsie Railroad, we were in the Gift Shop and noticed they were selling the movies: Mandie and the Secret Tunnel,and Mandie and the Cherokee Treasure.  We decided to check them out on Amazon. Neat fact for kids of all ages, Mandie and the Secret Tunnel was filmed in part at Tweetsie Railroad and Moses Cone Manor.  What kid does not love looking for “secret tunnels?”  During June, July and August, you and your explorers can take a “behind the scenes” tour of the Manor!!! After you all watch the movies, let me know if a hike at Moses Cone or Trout Lake looks a little different.  It is excited to think you are walking in the same footsteps as Mandie did many years ago. Both movies are also Dove Approved.