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February Bucket List

February Bucket List

When planning for 2021, our family decided it was all about being intentional.  Each month we would plan a bucket list of fun trips, moments and experiences we wanted to make happen.  At the end of the month, we start planning (okay sometimes it is 

Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

Sleep is what most every parent dreams of in the distant future.  Babies love predictability.  I am not a doctor or in the medical profession. I do love my children and am thankful with a little help I was able help both children have sweet 

Healthy, Happy Pregnancy – How to Incorporate Natural Living Lifestyle Into Your Pregnancy!

Healthy, Happy Pregnancy – How to Incorporate Natural Living Lifestyle Into Your Pregnancy!

Pregnancy is a beautiful time when you planning and preparing to welcome a new addition to your family.  Your body and emotions are ever changing.  Trying to make healthy choices in our world of abundant options can be a daunting task.  When we were expecting our first born is around the time I began researching healthier, non-toxic options for our family.  It was overwhelming and during pregnancy was not the time to make mistakes.  I am not a doctor, midwife, or medical professional, just another mom who has been there too!

My hope is these resources will help you as you eat and think for two.  Adjusting to a healthy lifestyle is easier when taken in baby steps. Why should you consider a healthy eating, cleaning and wellness support?  Numerous studies show a healthy lifestyle allows your body to adjust easier with the ever changing physical and emotional ups and downs pregnancy brings. I’ve only been through this journey two times in my life.  My hope is to share trusted resources and information with you that I have gathered and researched along the way.

Non-Toxic Cleaning: 

Toxic cleaners were the FIRST items removed from our house!  All I will say is “google” health concerns with cleaning products and you will find your “why” for switching out cleaning products.

Our family chose to use Young Living Essential Oil Thieves cleaning line.   We started small with replacement buying.  When we ran out of all purpose cleaner, we purchased Thieves All Purpose Cleaner and it is amazing!!  Our daughter accidentally spilled something sticky on her carpet.  I placed a cap full on the 2 inch bright red mess and was going to let it sit for ten minutes.  I forgot and came back 30 minutes later….. it was GONE!!! There was not even a slight bit left.  It was amazing.


If you would like more information on Thieves, reach out to me via our Contact Us page. I am happy to get you a sample.  It is amazing.  That was where I took the replacement buying plunge.  I was able to replace everything from dish washing soap to toothpaste!  Thieves has been a life saver.  Got stains in the shower grout? Got stains on the carpet? Need a tough degreaser? Need hand soap? Thieves Household Cleaner will clean it all!  I would have this on hand for your clothe diapers and spit ups that are sure to come your way.  Thieves also does an amazing job on floors!  When your little starts to crawl you will rest easy knowing their space is clean with no toxins.

We also use baking soda, vinegar and water a lot for cleaning!  What are some of your “go-to” recipes for non-toxic cleaning?

Use “what to look for in cleaning products” as a guide to determine is safe for your family.

Healthy Eating:

Healthy eating during pregnancy is not always easy. Everyone wants to offer advice.  I believe following a healthy protein and fat driven diet helps mom and baby.

Foods to focus on during pre-conception, pregnancy and breastfeeding:

  • Protein: Most women need 80+ grams of protein everyday for a healthy pregnancy. Research supports the facts by demonstrating lower preclampsia and other complications when consuming high amounts of protein.  Do you research to determine if you need to increase your protein and how it will benefit your body during pregnancy.
  • Fats: This is often the biggest hurdle for many women, but consuming adequate fats is absolutely vital to baby’s organ and brain development. Women should focus on healthy sources of fat like meat (including red meat), butter, eggs, olive/oil, coconut/oil, nuts, limited dairy, etc.  Use your best judgement.  If it is high in sugar, it is probably not the healthiest choice.
  • Vegetables and Fruits: Vegetables and fruits have a variety of vitamins, minerals and fiber that are helpful during pregnancy. Eating a varied diet including a lot of green leafy vegetables can also help raise Vitamin K levels.
  • Water: Water shows amazing benefits for the body.  My mom’s was diagnosed with cancer recently. One of the main recommendations was to double her water intake in order for her body to carry the protein she is eating to the correct places.  She is doing radiation and needs protein to help heal her neck and mouth.  A woman’s blood volume actually increases during pregnancy and her body has to supply fluid to replenish the amniotic fluid the baby is in. Drinking enough water (usually around a gallon a day) can help fight off morning sickness and also helps prevent constipation and make sure mom and baby are properly hydrated.


Supplement needs can vary by woman, and all supplements should be approved by a doctor or midwife to ensure safety during pregnancy. In general, pregnant women have higher nutrient needs and often supplements are the only way to get adequate nutrients.

These basic supplements are ones that are often beneficial during pregnancy:

  • Probiotics:  I love Young Living probiotics.  If you decide to incorporate them into your diet, obtain high quality supplements, fermented foods, and beverages like water kefir and kombocha.  Babies are born with a sterile gut and their gut bacteria begins to develop based on the beneficial gut flora of the mother.   Adequate probiotics can also help reduce the risk of Group B strep.
  • Omega-3s, DHA, RHA: Again I love Young Living OmegaGize!  Good fats are essential for a baby’s development. Today’s modern diet makes it difficult to get enough from our everyday meals.  Supplementing high quality sources can help reduce the risk of complications and give the baby necessary nutrients for good development.
  • Vitamin D:  This amazing supplement needs to be taken from a high quality source.  Do you research!  4,000 IU could help keep your blood sugar and blood pressure in check.  Ask your doctor what level they suggest for your pregnancy. Every one is different.
  • Folate:  This super hero is best known for its preventative effects against spina bifida and other developmental struggles.  Ask your doctor for their dosage recommendation.  It is water soluble and difficult to overdose.
  • Iron: Anemia may cause serious complications during delivery, and is easy to prevent.  If your blood tests show low iron levels, look to iron supplements.  Ideas to keep your iron up are cooking with cast iron pans, eating red meat/grass fed liver and eating a variety of fats and vegetables can help optimize iron levels.  It is much better to get your iron from food verses supplements.

Herbs During Pregnancy:  

Consult with a qualified herbalist, midwife, or doctor before taking any herbs during pregnancy. All herbs are not created equal.

Here is a list of “safe herbs” during pregnancy.

Here is a list to AVOID during pregnancy.

Essential Oils During Pregnancy:

Here is a list of “safe” essential oils during pregnancy.

Here is a list to AVOID during pregnancy.

Consult with a qualified midwife or doctor before using essential oils during pregnancy.


Happy + Healthy During Flu/Cold Season

Happy + Healthy During Flu/Cold Season

#1. Welcome to Revolution Oils “Healthy + Happy During Flu/Cold Season” The event will take place right here. Post will be numbered “1, 2, 3, etc” so you will be able to follow along. If you cannot see updated post, “refresh” your page by pressing 

Back 2 School – Part 2 – Traditions

Back 2 School – Part 2 – Traditions

Back 2 School Traditions are so much fun and simple.  As we look back on our childhood, we remember the traditions our families shared with us. Our family has created a few of our own traditions.  We would love to hear how you celebrate “back 

4th of July Ideas

4th of July Ideas

It is hard to believe July 4th is this weekend!  Wow, summertime is flying by so quickly.  Thought I would share some of our weekend adventures we have planned.   We are going to miss a great event: West Jefferson’s Christmas in July.

July 3rd, Thursday “Plans”

We are going to have a relaxed day at Honey Bear Campground!  For $10 ($5 per kiddo) we can spend the entire day at Honey Bear and enjoy their fun activities.  Come on out and join us, we have room on the grill.

12:00 pm, Family Menchies treat

honey bear


1:00 pm to 3 pm, Water Tower Time at Honey Bear Campground

3 pm to 5 pm, Art in the Park at Honey Bear Campground

5:30 pm, Family Cook Out at Honey Bear Campground

Here are some recipes for a yummy July 4th!!

App Summer Festival also has some excellent events!

July 4th, Friday “Plans” –

Wake Up and Celebrate the 4th of July with Kiddos (activities, books and traditions)

11:00 am, Downtown Boone Parade 

(also going on: 11:00 am, Todd’s Parade, 11:00 am, Banner Elk 4th of July Parade)

12:00 pm, Watermelon and Cake at the Jones House

2:00 pm, Grill Smores’ at Valle Crucis Park and play in the River

grilled smores






9:00 pm, Tweetsie Railroad Fireworks

(also going on: 5:00 pm, Bethel Blast – this event is FULL of FUN!!,  7:00 pm, Music in the Valle – a more relaxed venue, )

Saturday “Plans” –

8:00 am, Watauga Farmers Market

10:00 am, Honey Bear Campground Holiday Happenings

12:00 pm, Honey Bear Campground Parade (bring your bike / dress up in your favorite 4th attire and join in the fun)

2:00 pm, Blowing Rock Independence Day Parade (Climbing Tower and Bounce Obstacle Course actually starts at 11:00 am to 4:30 pm)

5:00 pm, Mountain Radio, Bluegrass Concert, Honey Bear Campground – Going to be a blast!

6:00 pm, Cool Summer Nights, Tweetsie Railroad

8:30 pm, Honey Bear Campground has two Great Movies – ET & Monsters inc.  Only $5 per car, show up at 6:00 pm, cook out on your grill and then enjoy the movie!  You can also buy smores and roast them on the open fires.  Such a great tradition!

9:30 pm, Blowing Rock Fireworks at the Blowing Rock Country Club

*You may also want to spend the afternoon at Westglow Resort beginning at 5:30 pm or Horn In The West or just found out about The Crestwood Resort & Spa – they are having a Low Country Boil, BBQ, Corn on the Cob, check it out

Whew!  I am excited and exhausted already!  I believe Sunday we will spend on the lawn of Moses Cone Manor with a family picnic!!

What are your family’s 4th of July plans or traditions?  We would love to hear from you!  Subscribe here to stay up to date with HC Mom!

Enjoy our amazing area and have fun with your family growing up on the Blue Ridge Parkway!


Vacation Bible Schools

Vacation Bible Schools

Summer is coming and High Country Churches will be opening their doors to community children for Vacation Bible School. If you have a VBS that is not listed, please let Melissa know.  There is no charge to list your VBS. Boone: Perkinsville Baptist Church, June